Viewing a Sean Noyce painting is an experience that is comparable to cloud watching. His art springs from that moment when contemplation meets creativity, when, lying on a grassy hill staring into the sky above, shapes suddenly emerge from the floating mass of billows and wisps. Sean's paintings introduce a personal cast of "cloud" characters that dynamically coexist within his creative realm. His unique perspective gains much from his upbringing in Mormon Utah, where he obtained an art degree from Utah State University before moving to New York. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, where he has reportedly fallen in with a troupe of mischievous dancing fowl. This newfound street-cred will undoubtedly bolster Sean's already promising artistic career.

Milk Tits

Mustard Ribs

The Autocrat

The Segregationist


Amanda Lynn LaMarco is an illustrator, painter, compositor and motion graphic artist. At the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Amanda studied both fine arts and computer graphics and received a degree in visual effects and motion graphics. Amanda is multi talented and her work always demands more than one glance. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and continues to further her knowledge as an artist.





Natalie Turturro is a creative force who works in the visual and performing arts as an illustrator, designer and performer. Natalie graduated from Boston University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts Design and Production. Born in Manhattan but raised in Florida, Natalie has also lived in Shanghai, London, and presently Paris. Natalie is open to working on projects of all mediums in multiple capacities; if you like her style, she'll probably like yours, because birds of a feather...

Parisien Rooftops

What Lies Ahead

Portraits of Strangers


Tina Berardi studied illustration at The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her greatest creative strength is in her photography which always manages to capture intrigue found in the most unexpected places. Currently Tina is a creative working for Apple Inc. Her other interests include biking, absolute spontaneity, Italy, gazing up at the stars and thinking about/discussing things outside the box with friendly, open minded people. That's tinabee.

Greek Coffee in NoHo

Gulls Over the Sound

La Fontana di Bologna

Cielo e Terra

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