Stay savvy! These first two pieces answer the "what am I getting myself into?" question that artists seeking representation are probably asking themselves. The articles provide supporting evidence for the mutual benefits of an artist-rep relationship, as well as useful tips for artists looking to bolster the market value of their work.

Art Find an Artist Representative, Agent or Gallery to Sell Your Art

This article serves as a fantastic "jumping off" point for any artist wondering what an art representative can do for them. All of the information is neatly laid out and it provides excellent thinking points to take into consideration.

"Proving your marketability is essential but especially so if the person seeing your art has no idea who you are."

"You have to somehow bridge the gap between the art that you create as your unique form of personal expression and the desire of people to pay for and own original works of art."

The Art of Business: Artist's Rep or Artist's Rip-Off

This article tells you what you can expect from a relationship with a good art rep. It also outlines things to take into consideration but I feel this article really emphasizes that working with an art rep is really more of a collaborative project than anything else.

"The best reps are not in the business of developing your career; rather, they are more interested in broadening your already strong career position."

New York's New Works

This article, while not specifically about art representation, provides an excellent look at the current state of the art world.

"Whether or not these new ventures endure, it's clear that the collapse of the art-market bubble has winnowed the ranks of gallerists to those who are the most committed, capable, and innovative."