Photo by Tina Berardi

What I am trying to accomplish with this site is to provide a place for artists to find support in dealing with the non-creative realms of their profession. I am a longtime fan, supporter, and even practitioner of the arts whose strengths ultimately lie in the business end of this realm. I have the knowledge, I have the connections, and I have the love of art required of a genuine art rep. My unfaltering dedication to the arts inspires me to push wholeheartedly for the recognition and respect of work I truly believe in.

Working With Emerging Artists

My aim is to act as the link between artists and buyers/curators. Each depends on the other for success yet they are seldom presented with ideal opportunities to make this necessary connection. My role is to make these connections easier, that is to say artists and curators are always interacting, but I would act as a matchmaker of sorts!

Most artists, I know, would rather focus on creating than selling. My goal is to enable artists to remain in that creative zone while I:

Working With Collectors of Emerging Art

Many new collectors are unsure how to navigate the expansive art world. However, with a little bit of good guidance, inexperienced collectors may find themselves on a fast track to obtaining the perfect pieces. For those who are seeking out emerging art, I offer consultations and can set up studio visits with the artists who best match your tastes.

Independent Curator

I am currently working independently to assemble works for an upcoming exhibit. Stay tuned for more details!


I am well-versed in the art world, having developed strong contacts in the field as well as a special knack for "talking the talk" obtained from my years employed at the Met. At numerous museum events, I was provided with the unique opportunity to speak with important patrons whose contacts I retain. I have sought post graduate education in Arts Administration where I studied Fundraising for the Arts, Creating Public and Private Art Collections, and Marketing the Arts. I am currently attaining Certification as an Arts Appraiser. Years of administrative experience have influenced my superior organizational skills (which are every successful business person's best friend).


Verrinia Amatulli is a friend, patron, and all-around aficionado of the arts. More importantly, Verrinia is a savvy, intuitive, and affable entrepreneur who has an honest-to-goodness knack for making things happen.

Ms. Amatulli holds a BA in Archaeology and Art History from the University at Albany. More recently she received her Arts Administration certificate from New York University, where she is also currently employed in the Anthropology department, working her managerial magic.

Verrinia was lately employed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for 4 years where she learned a great deal about the art world and the business surrounding it. First employed in the Ratti Textile Center and then in the world renowned Costume Institute, Verrinia has been well-versed in the complicated sur-terranean language of the art world. She maintains a number of influential associations and retains this network of indispensable contacts gleaned from her experience at the Met.

Today, Verrinia resides in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, colonized by up-and-coming artists and other creative types. She frequents the local galleries (where you are sure to spot her at any given opening) and has developed relationships with many of the owners.

In her spare time, Verrinia likes to seek out and suggest for friends employment/creative opportunities, advise local artists on how best to market their work and expand their clientele in addition to offering general career support. She also enjoys paper crafts, screenprinting, photography, fashion, bloody marys, and doting on her cat, Brighton.